Wednesday, June 2, 2010

{Dedicated: Martha Stewart}

It is no secret that I love Martha Stewart. Ironically, however, I don't ever seem to have the time to test out the many recipes, crafts, and tips this multi-faceted woman offers through her magazines, website, blog, TV shows, etc. Luckily, with my summer becoming more (unexpectedly) open-ended by the day, I think I am going to have ample time to delve into the seemingly endless crafts and recipes of Martha's that I have stored away, hoping to one day be tested out.

Though I truly enjoy working and interning, I am looking forward to at least a little bit of downtime to start crossing things off of my seemingly endless to-do list. My bedroom at my Dad's house has never been finished decor wise, and it has been over two years since I first started!

If you are ever in need of something, whether it be a cupcake or appetizer recipe to bring to a summer barbeque, or a quick-and-easy hostess gift, Martha has it all. Her website is very comprehensive, and the Recipe Finder is a great tool.

Here are some of the things I have been perusing for inspiration...

{So pretty! It is made from costume brooches.}
{I love all the fresh ingredients!}
{The wooden beads are perfect for summer!}
{The frames are decorated with beans. I am going to try this out in my bedroom.}
{Yummy! I can't wait to bring these to a Fourth of July barbeque!}
{What a clever way to display jewelry. I love the idea of using frames to "frame" unconventional items.}

What crafts, recipes or tips from Martha Stewart have caught your eye lately?