Tuesday, April 27, 2010

{Dedicated: Workout DVDs}

As I have mentioned before, I love working out. I wish that I had the freedom in my wallet to belong to a gorgeous, up-to-date workout facility (Lombardi Center, you are no Equinox). I also wish that I had the space in my schedule to head to the gym seven days a week, if only for a short 20-minute interval workout and some lifting.

Unfortunately, I have neither the freedom in my wallet nor the space in my schedule to do accommodate these wishes. Being a "poor" college student, I am stuck working out in that eyesore that is the Lombardi Center. And because I am a student, I have classes, interning, and meetings to worry about before I can even begin to think of working out.

Admittedly, I am usually pretty good about waking up before class and heading to the gym, or prioritizing my day to be sure I have at least 45 minutes for a solid workout. But then, of course, there are days like today, where I have been up for interning since 7:00 a.m., and don't return home until 9:30 p.m. (I went shopping after work... I can't be "poor" all of the time haha)... which is why I am posting now. Tired from a long day, I don't always feel like changing into my full workout gear and trekking to the gym.

My solution? Workout DVDs! I was skeptical at first about using DVDs. I worried that I wouldn't do the moves properly, or that because no one was around (we all know we try hard at the gym partly because there are people there who can see us) I wouldn't put in my usual amount of effort.

Boy, was I wrong. I have slowly been amassing a collection of DVDs, most focused on abdominal workouts. The DVDs have introduced me to moves I would never have thought of trying, and I am definitely noticing a difference in my stomach. I have never had abs, and probably will never officially have them. But, my core is most definitely tighter and more sculpted. My favorite part about the DVDs is that most of them have 10-minute workouts that are quick and really blast the areas you want to target in the shortest amount of time.

Right now I am loving:

{Michele Olson, PhD: Fitness Prescription: Perfect Legs, Glutes, & Abs}
{Exhale: Core Fusion: Lean & Toned}
{Exercise TV: Ultimate Body: Quick & Incredible Abs}
{Crunchless Abs}

So, if you are in need of a workout but don't have a lot of time? A workout DVD is definitely the solution!

**All titles available on Amazon.

Friday, April 23, 2010

{Classic Style}

I read A LOT of magazines. Each month I look forward to I look forward to receiving my various subscriptions in the mail and carefully examining each and every page for any type of inspiration. I tear out the pages that have something that I am drawn to; a makeup look, hairstyle, certain outfit, color combination, home decor, etc., and save them for future reference.

In the May issue of American Vogue, I was ecstatic to find an entire fashion spread that I loved. Shot by the fabulous Mario Testino and styled by Marie-Amelie Sauve, I found myself drooling over the simple, chic elegance of the looks featured in the spread " Americans in Paris." And I can't forget to mention model Daria Werbowy's sultry smoky eye and long hair with choppy bangs. I always strive to incorporate the hottest trends into my wardrobe, but there is definitely something to be said for classic looks.

So perfect, in every way.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

{Dedicated: Pure Yoga}

I had the pleasure of attending a press event at Pure Yoga-West yesterday morning. I am by no means a yoga person-I am actually incredibly inflexible and lacking in core strength which makes many of the moves very difficult. With that being said, however, I am a health and exercise fiend, and jump at the opportunity to try any kind of exercise.

The yoga studio at Pure West is absolutely INCREDIBLE! Upon opening the giant wooden doors you are instantly whisked away to a calming mecca consisting of soothing music, flickering candlelight, and an overall relaxing atmosphere.

The decor is reminiscent of how I would like a room in my future home decorated. At every corner is a little "socializing" nook, complete with cool couches and chairs, ambient lighting, awesome pillows, and any magazine you could imagine. All of the colors used are highly saturated, rich colors, and look great against all of the natural and wood elements found elsewhere.

I can't, of course, forget to mention the most important part, the yoga itself! All of the instructors are incredibly nice and so experienced. I was taught yesterday by one instructor who had just returned from four years in Hong Kong, and another who had recently returned from Australia. They are very helpful and work with you to modify the moves to better fit your skill level. My favorite part was the complete meditation at the end of my session, I haven't felt that relaxed in so long.

Pure Yoga is pricy, but definitely worth it if you love yoga, or cool decor!

Monday, April 19, 2010

{Spring Layering}

Spring weather, especially here on the East coast, is never easy to predict. One day it is 80 degrees, the next day it is rainy and 50 degrees. It is during troubling weather times such as these that mastering the skill of layering really comes into play. The key is to mix lighter colors and warm weather fabrics with transitional pieces, such as blazers and fun accessories like ankle socks, scarves, short boots, and tights.

{The Sartorialist}
{J. Crew}
{J. Crew}

Layering is also a great way to extend the seasonal lives of pieces in your wardrobe, all while keeping you dressed appropriately in the ever-changing weather. Win-win!


The fashion show was on Friday and I think it was an overall success! I have heard nothing but positive feedback from people so I am very excited about that.

While I loved putting the show together, I am definitely excited to have a little bit of free time before finals start.

I thought that I would spend this weekend relaxing, reading magazines and blogs and drinking tea. But, all I did was sleep! Which is something I hardly ever do; I do not like napping or sleeping late and hate the idea of losing valuable time to get things done. I guess I did need rest this weekend though!

With that being said, I will spending this week catching up on all of my magazines and blogs, and posting more here.

Have a good week!

Monday, April 12, 2010

{Hectic Week}

The fashion show is on Friday, so it is going to be a crazy, hectic week! Aside from preparing for the show, tomorrow I register for classes for the fall semester and start a new internship. Then, of course, I still have classes and homework to take care of.

I love being busy, don't get me wrong, especially because all of the money we raise will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation, but right about now I would love to be able to relax and read a book in a beautiful little nook like this one!

Enjoy your week!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

{What's happening in FFP!}

It is hard to believe that the fashion show is eight days away. Overall, I feel that we are generally very well prepared for the show. Most, if not all, of the major details are figured out. It is just the finishing touches (which there seem to be a lot of) that need to be finished.

We have had "work days" every day this week, and club members have been diligently working on tissue paper flowers, painting cardboard, cutting out stars, and various other decorations for the gym.

{Bags of tissue paper flowers and donations next to my bed.}

At the same time, we are continuing to have model practices and are still working on fittings and styling looks. Members are still collecting donations and making final contact efforts with potential donors.

{Club members working on fittings and styling looks.}

I really feel as though this year's show will be the best yet, and I am really hoping to make at least $10,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, though I think we might even make more than that, which would be amazing!

I am so excited for the show, but I am also excited to have my room back. Currently I can not get to any of my shoes because they are covered in stacks of cardboard, and I can barely get into my closet because it is blocked by 300 Ted Gibson Salon shampoos and conditioners. I can't open my bathroom or bedroom doors all of the way because of the 300 O.P.I. nail polishes and raffle donations from companies like Clarins and Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics that are in boxes everywhere.

{Gift bags, O.P.I. nail polishes, and various other donations stacked in VERY heavy boxes.}
{Some of the 300 Ted Gibson shampoos and conditioners Tina and I had to get from Manhattan to the Bronx.}

Did I mention that one other club member, Tina, and I had to get those 300 bottles of shampoo from 1120 Avenue of the Americas (between 43rd and 44th) to Fordham University Lincoln Center at West 60th and 9th? We had four giant cardboard boxes full of regular sized shampoos and conditioners! Luckily, we got an amazing taxi driver and only had one box break at Lincoln Center. What a sight we must have been...

We have even more work to do this week and into next week, then it is show time!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

{Sunny Room}

I'm going to keep today's post short-and-sweet because the weather is nice and I have so much to do in the next 10 days. The show fashion is a week from this Friday and there is a lot to get done!

{Elle Decor}

I love the openness of this room. Look at all of that sunlight streaming in! The mix of textures is so great and really adds a sense of casualness and warmth to the room. My favorite part, though, are all of the houseplants. The giant, wild fern is a great juxtaposition against the white walls and streamlined architecture of the room. I would love to enjoy a good book and cup of tea in this room, especially now that it is spring!

Monday, April 5, 2010

{Wardrobe Update}

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter or Passover weekend! I spent the holiday relaxing and spending time with family. We hosted Easter at my dad's house this year, and the weather could not have been more perfect. I ended up outside, as did most of my *many* cousins, aunts, and uncles, sunning for most of the day.

I also spent this weekend continuing to work on my disaster of a closet and dresser. (I actually have two closets and two dressers as I use the ones in our guest room as well.) With each season comes the seemingly never-ending process of cycling my fall and winter clothes from one room into the other, replacing them with my spring and summer clothes, and vice-versa as the seasons change again.

I haven't finished any real organizing yet, but I did get rid of bags (and bags) of clothes. I'm sure I will continue to weed through my wardrobe as spring turns into summer, but it already feels insanely good to have so much less stuff. Granted, I still have a lot, but way less than when I started. I love rediscovering pieces I had forgotten about, or realizing how great an older piece works with something new.

And speaking of new, I just couldn't resist making a few spring purchases. Blame it on the weather. Spring fever, maybe? (On a side note, most of my purchases were very much on sale, which is always nice, and guilt-free!) I made sure to buy pieces that I felt were transitional and can work their way in-and-out of my wardrobe and mix with pieces that I already have.

Have a nice day and enjoy this beautiful weather!

Friday, April 2, 2010

{Home Office Inspiration}

While home for Easter break, I have been trying to get a lot of organizing done. I do consider myself an organized person, but I rack up clutter like no other. Every nook and cranny of my desk is *neatly* stuffed to the brim with stuff, some of it random, some of it important. The same goes for my closets and dressers. Over the years I have accumulated so much clothing, a lot of which I no longer wear and doesn't fit. I am always reluctant to get rid of things because there is always that thought in the back of my head "what if you get invited to a party and this is perfect..." This of course hardly ever happens, so now I just have a lot of stuff.

This weekend, aside from spending time with my family and celebrating Easter, will also be spent purging all of the unnecessary items from my desk and closet. I am very excited to get some spring cleaning done, though it is most definitely a daunting task.

I took some "before" photos of my closets and desk, but they are VERY scary, and since I don't have any real "after," or even "in progress" photos to display yet, I think I am going to hold off on my embarrassment...

I have some much bigger plans for my desk situation, but none of that can happy until I get rid of some stuff! So, until then, here are some lovely inspiration photos that I have been working on collecting for my desk and closet re-dos. Enjoy! (P.S. Please keep in mind that these are *inspiration* photos. Aka IN MY DREAMS!)

Coastal Living
Cottage Living
Cottage Living
Southern Living
Southern Living
Elle Decor
Helen Green
Real Simple
Real Simple
Southern Accents
Southern Living