Monday, May 3, 2010

{Elle Decor}

As I have mentioned before, I love a good magazine. And a good supplement to these magazines, is a good website. Some magazine websites really fall short in my opinion - they don't have much to offer, are outdated, etc.

One magazine website that does not fall into this category is Elle Decor. This website not only features the spreads from the current issue, but frequently updated shopping tips, beautiful homes, and trends. It is one of my favorite places to go for inspiration, and is a great alternative for the times when I don't have the cash readily available to purchase the magazine. has a really cool feature called "ED's LookBook," which can be found on the homepage. Here you select the type of room, and then your personal style (broken down into categories) from a drop-down menu, and are then presented with a slideshow featuring looks that match your search. I love how quick-and-easy this makes searching for inspiration, I wish that other websites offered a similar feature!

{I love a good breakfast nook, and this is a GREAT breakfast nook. It is part of a renovated 110-year-old barn/house.}
{A bedroom in the same renovated barn. How amazing is this room? That bed is bananas, and I am loving all the natural light.}
{Some plates from the "Shopping" section of the site. I love the idea of mixing colors and patterns in a table setting, much like I love doing in my wardrobe.}
{I adore these Jonathan Adler Positano pillows with crisp white linen contrasted with bright grosgrain ribbon. I love how geometric they are.}
{Actress Ellen Pompeo's living room. Her home was featured in the most recent issue of the magazine. This room is so simple-chic, and not at all fussy.}
{Ellen Pompeo's kitchen. I have been obsessed since I saw these images. I have always been a sucker for open shelving, but this room is beyond my wildest dreams. It feels so lived-in and is so "undecorated." I also love the use of a very large picture resting on counter space as a focal point.}
{Decorator Joe Nye gives advice for summer table setting. A perfect place for a Sunday brunch with friends and family, no?}

This is just a sampling of the great inspirational images and ideas to be found on Elle Decor's website, so head that way if you are looking for something chic!


  1. I love the pics from Ellen Pompeo's house! It looks so relaxing and peaceful.

  2. I know, hers is definitely one of my favorite celeb homes. Most of them seem SO over-decorated and like people don't actually live there, so I love that this one seems real and comfortable.

  3. i loveee interior design and can't wait to have a place of my own that i can really decorate! Sometimes i flip through elle decor hoping to redecorate my dorm room... ahhh..

  4. I know, I am so excited to have a place of my own!

  5. I love that magazine too! i enjoy reading your blog.

  6. Thanks, Lindsay! Sorry for the lack of posting lately, I have been busy with finals, but I will be getting back into the swing of things tomorrow! xx