Monday, January 25, 2010

{New year, new beginnings}

I have been trying to start a blog for a little over a year now. I am an avid reader of blogs (I follow about 30 on a day-to-day basis) and I am constantly being inspired by the creative people and ideas that I discover online.

How perfect, then, that one of my classes for the Spring 2010 semester, Writing for Online Media with Professor Strate, requires that we create, maintain, and post onto our own blogs at least three times a week.

While some students might find an assignment like this, worth 50% of our final grade, mind you, overwhelming, daunting, and annoying, I find it to be an enjoyable challenge. I am beyond excited to *hopefully* join the ranks and the friendly community of bloggers that I already love and enjoy following.

I'm a little hesitant to put into words what I hope for this blog to be about, because I know it will end up being a mix of fashion, home decor, NYC, crafting, my daily life, and happenings in Fashion for Philanthropy as we lead up to our big spring fashion show. I guess, for the sake of narrowing my interests down, this blog, in short, will be about things that inspire me. And trust me when I say that all of this is subject to change.

So here goes, and I hope you enjoy!

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