Wednesday, March 3, 2010

{DIY: Tissue Paper Pom-Pom Flowers}

One thing that I really love, but have so far neglected to include on Mmusings, is crafting. And because of my love of crafting, I obviously love Martha Stewart. I visit her website daily for inspiration, whether it is a new recipe to try, organizational tip, or craft to make.

I have seen many posts in the design blog world that feature hanging pom-pom, flower-type decorations in rooms and at parties. I thought they were so beautiful and delicate, yet substantial, and so looked for some online. There are some offered on Etsy, and while they are beautiful, I don't really feel like paying that much money for {pretty} bundles of tissue paper.

But don't fear, it is Martha to the rescue! She has an entire tutorial dedicated to making the pom-poms, along with other pretty things, such as luminarias.

When Fashion for Philanthropy decided that the theme for the fashion show will be fairy tales, I instantly thought of these easy to make flowers as a way to decorate the gym, and so the club members and I got to work (and are still working...) on making these pom-poms, along with any other flower idea we can think of!

Folding the sheets of tissue paper accordion style.
After being secured in the middle, shape the ends.
Gently pull the layers apart, then fluff them up.

They are seriously so easy to make. I would definitely check out Martha's tutorial though, for complete step-by-step directions and pictures. Happy crafting!

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