Monday, April 5, 2010

{Wardrobe Update}

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter or Passover weekend! I spent the holiday relaxing and spending time with family. We hosted Easter at my dad's house this year, and the weather could not have been more perfect. I ended up outside, as did most of my *many* cousins, aunts, and uncles, sunning for most of the day.

I also spent this weekend continuing to work on my disaster of a closet and dresser. (I actually have two closets and two dressers as I use the ones in our guest room as well.) With each season comes the seemingly never-ending process of cycling my fall and winter clothes from one room into the other, replacing them with my spring and summer clothes, and vice-versa as the seasons change again.

I haven't finished any real organizing yet, but I did get rid of bags (and bags) of clothes. I'm sure I will continue to weed through my wardrobe as spring turns into summer, but it already feels insanely good to have so much less stuff. Granted, I still have a lot, but way less than when I started. I love rediscovering pieces I had forgotten about, or realizing how great an older piece works with something new.

And speaking of new, I just couldn't resist making a few spring purchases. Blame it on the weather. Spring fever, maybe? (On a side note, most of my purchases were very much on sale, which is always nice, and guilt-free!) I made sure to buy pieces that I felt were transitional and can work their way in-and-out of my wardrobe and mix with pieces that I already have.

Have a nice day and enjoy this beautiful weather!


  1. I couldn't agree more...I have given up on my closet and dressers at home though haha...but I do love that skirt above!

  2. It is soo hard! I got rid of so much but feel like I still have so far to go...

    Thanks! I love it too, I wore it for Easter. And it was a present from my mom so I didn't have to shell out the money for it haha.

  3. I definitely agree about rediscovering old pieces. I love "shopping" my closet when I go home and finding styles I used to wear in high school but have come back around, especially in this economy and with a tight college budget!

  4. I totally agree! I wish I still had all of my horribly faded, baggy, and destroyed Abercrombie jeans, especially since that trend seems to be in-and-out a lot.