Wednesday, April 21, 2010

{Dedicated: Pure Yoga}

I had the pleasure of attending a press event at Pure Yoga-West yesterday morning. I am by no means a yoga person-I am actually incredibly inflexible and lacking in core strength which makes many of the moves very difficult. With that being said, however, I am a health and exercise fiend, and jump at the opportunity to try any kind of exercise.

The yoga studio at Pure West is absolutely INCREDIBLE! Upon opening the giant wooden doors you are instantly whisked away to a calming mecca consisting of soothing music, flickering candlelight, and an overall relaxing atmosphere.

The decor is reminiscent of how I would like a room in my future home decorated. At every corner is a little "socializing" nook, complete with cool couches and chairs, ambient lighting, awesome pillows, and any magazine you could imagine. All of the colors used are highly saturated, rich colors, and look great against all of the natural and wood elements found elsewhere.

I can't, of course, forget to mention the most important part, the yoga itself! All of the instructors are incredibly nice and so experienced. I was taught yesterday by one instructor who had just returned from four years in Hong Kong, and another who had recently returned from Australia. They are very helpful and work with you to modify the moves to better fit your skill level. My favorite part was the complete meditation at the end of my session, I haven't felt that relaxed in so long.

Pure Yoga is pricy, but definitely worth it if you love yoga, or cool decor!


  1. I've always been hesitant to try yoga because I tend to be more into high-energy aerobic type workouts, but I would definitely check this place out! I feel like the atmosphere and decor itself would put me in a great mood, never mind the workout!

  2. This place looks amazing, I don't think I would ever leave. I've always tried to get into yoga because every time I've done it I've left happy and relaxed!

  3. That place looks so incredible! I'm no yoga person myself, but I'd do it just to go to that yoga place. Too bad I don't really have the patience or flexibility either for yoga...

  4. It is definitely super relaxing, and it feels soo good to stretch your muscles, especially after a particularly hard workout. I just wish my body would become more flexible so I could actually attempt most of the moves!

  5. wowwwwwwww!! pink yoga room=heaven?