Thursday, February 4, 2010

{New York Restaurant Week}

This week I was lucky enough to take advantage of the great deals offered during New York City Restaurant Week. On Sunday night, I ate at Tao, and on Wednesday night I ate at Rosa Mexicano. It is not every week that I get to take a break from cafeteria food to eat both delicious Asian and Mexican food!

I had never been to Tao before, and was really excited to check it out. I loved the exposed brick walls and the use of candles practically everywhere, including cutouts in the walls. The food was delicious, though I would definitely recommend ordering a few different appetizers to share instead of larger entrees.

I had eaten at Rosa Mexicano a few times before, mostly because of its close proximity to Fordham's Lincoln Center campus. One of Rosa's best attributes is that service is fast. Within a minute of ordering our guacamole (my favorite!), the guacamole cart was next to our table and it was being prepared right before our eyes. Definitely one of the coolest parts about Rosa's. For dinner I had the steak tacos, which is served more fajita style, which is great because I was able to make them just to my liking.

Taking advantage of opportunities like this, being able to eat at excellent restaurants, is just another reason why I love living in New York City.

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