Wednesday, February 24, 2010

{Pottery Barn Giveaway! from Live Creating Yourself}

As I have mentioned {many} times before, I am a reader and follower of many fabulous blogs, most of them home decor and fashion related. One of these blogs is the wonderful Live Creating Yourself by Alaina from Chicago. I feel that we share very similar tastes in home decor, and her photos of projects that she completes herself always a) inspire me to start that project I have been neglecting for weeks and b) make me wish I lived in an actual apartment.

I am INSANELY jealous of one of her most recent projects, the decoration of her home office.

How amazing is this office? I don't think I would ever complain about work in a space as great as this!

Anyway, now that I have spewed my blogger-envy, Alaina is offering an awesome Pottery Barn quilt giveaway! The quilt (seen at beginning of entry) makes me so excited for spring, and excited for the possibility that it could be mine! Check out her blog, and enter for a chance to win!

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  1. MOLLY-
    Why are you not where I look for you?! Namely, what happened to your Facebook? We seem to have swapped not having Facebooks.
    Anyway, we need to talk blogs. I have decided that I don't waste nearly enough time, and need more to read. I want your blogroll, minus all the the fashion stuff because it's all way over my head, to be honest. I'll give you the list that I read, though you have been doing this longer than I have, so you might have heard of all of mine. Anyway, your blog is wonderful, so congratulations! I have one for my Environmental Science class, but I'm definitely not sharing it because it doesn't compare. Anyway, if find time to e-mail me the blogs you read, please do! My gmail is kendall.tooker
    Also, thanks for the heads up about not only Alaina's blog, but the quilt! both are fab!