Monday, February 22, 2010

{What I did this weekend instead of what I planned on doing}

As often happens, I make a lot of detailed plans, then one thing comes along and throws them all off, and I force myself to come up with an entirely new plan. So, while there was certainly a lot of rest and relaxation this weekend, there was no puppy, no room decorating. Sigh.
Now the puppy is "visiting" on Wednesday and I will spend my time in between classes, studying, and interning this week searching the internet for pieces to buy and ship home for my room, because when they are there waiting for me, I will have to start decorating it.
So what did I do instead? I had dinner Friday and Saturday night at one of my family's restaurants, the Pier House (tequila marinated ahi tuna, yum), watched my brother and sister in their respective basketball games, spent time with family, got homework done (!), researched summer study abroad programs, and shopped. A lot. I guess I got tired of being a "recessionista" this weekend...

Pier House now, in the winter.
The view from upstairs during the summer. Ooh I can't wait for warm weather!

The goods.


  1. Ahhhh Nordies!! How I miss it... Westchester is just too far!

  2. Haha I'm glad I'm not the only one who fondly refers to it as Nordies! Luckily the one I go to is only about a half hour from where I live in NJ. You should definitely head to one soon, they are starting to get awesome spring and summer stuff in!